Flight attendants reveal the ‘secret code name’ you don’t want to be called

A flight attendant has revealed the one phrase you absolutely do not want to hear while flying. The anonymous air host has explained there’s one word in particular that will pretty much guarantee poor service on a plane journey.

Now, we’ve all been onboard a flight and noticed a rather difficult passenger. They’ve either asked to move seats 10 times, reclined their seat with no regard to who is sitting behind, or complained about a crying baby despite the parents doing *everything* they can.

It’s no surprise that flight attendants often get fed up of certain passengers, especially on a long-haul flight. Obviously, staff have to remain professional, so you’ll likely never hear them discussing a person’s behaviour in front of other passengers. But apparently, they do have code words to communicate their frustrations and warn other members of the crew.

Apparently, being called the name ‘Philip’ is a sure sign you’ve been pretty annoying during the journey. “If you’re labeled a ‘Philip’ then you’ve done something wrong and should probably expect to get bad service for the rest of the flight,” the anonymous attendant told The Sun.

“That name originated from the term PILP – Passenger I’d Like to Punch – but has changed over time to become slightly more subtle.”

Now, if the thought of being called ‘a Philip’ makes you mortified, the crew member has also shared some advice on how you can be better behaved.One major travelling ick is pressing the call button too many times. Of course, passengers are entitled to ask for refreshments, but the member of staff explained it’s important to be patient and mindful that there are also other customers to serve, too.

Other unpopular behaviours include filming interactions with cabin crew to later post on social media, as well as complaining about a baby crying. The crew member advises bringing ear plugs or headphones, or even offering to help the parent in question. If you’ve ever been on a long haul flight, you’ll know that it’s common practice to get up and about in order to stretch your legs and quell boredom. But cabin crew reportedly hate it when passengers loiter around the aisles and essentially get in their way and under their feet, especially during busy service times. If these sound like you, you might want to re-think your flying etiquette.

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