Man who won $1.7 million jackpot shares his “BIG SECRET” that made him a winner

A man finally won big on the lotto after playing the same numbers for 40 years – but there was a catch. Most of us have fantasized about winning the lottery, and mentally spent the money in our minds as we imagine the jackpot hitting our bank balance. Fredric Norian never gave up his dream, and has been an avid lottery player for over four decades. The man finally won the jackpot this month despite the odds being one in seven million, according to Mass Lottery. However, there was a major downside.

This is because the Massachusetts man opted to take the payment of $1,228,365 in full on Wednesday (January 3) making him lose almost 25 percent of his winnings as he didn’t chose to receive payment in smaller chunks as annuity.However, it’s still a huge chunk of money to take home.Norian shared how we would be spending his new fortune, with most of it going to renovating his kitchen.

When playing the megabucks, you can choose to play $2 steaks or $4 steaks, The odds of winning any prize are one in 39.3.The current jackpot stands at $700,000 and if there is a winner, they will pocket an estimated $480,000.Draws for a winner take place three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Many of us chalk winning the lottery down to luck, however, economist Stefan Mandel wanted to prove there is a method, and did so by winning the lottery a staggering 14 times, saying the secret is ‘just simple maths.’ In an interview shared to YouTube, Mandel said: “Theoretically, anybody can buy all the possible combinations. Any high school boy or girl can calculate those combinations. “Nobody has ever developed a logistical system to lodge such a large amount of play slips. “We were the only winners and that was it.”

A retired couple also claimed to have cracked the lottery winning code and ended up winning a whopping $26 million, despite the chances of winning the power ball jackpot being one in 292 million. Keen mathematicians, the Selbys claimed that they had found a completely legal loophole in order to win the jackpot of ‘Cash Winfall’, saying: “”If I played $1100, mathematically I’d have one four-number winner – that’s 1,000 bucks.”

“I divided 1100 by six instead of 57, because I did a mental quick dirty, and I come up with 18. So I knew I’d have either 18 or 19 three-number winners, and that’s 50 bucks each.

“At 18, I got $1000 for a four-number winner, and I got 18 three-number winners worth $50 each, so that’s 900 bucks.

“So I got $1100 invested and I’ve got a $1900 return.”

Even if all of that seemed like a different language to you (you’re not the only one), seeing a return of $8,000 on a $1,100 investment isn’t too shabby at all.

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