Never wear flip flops to the airport – Retired secret service agent explains the reason behind this action

Retired secret service agent explains why you should never wear flip flops to the airport.A former secret service agent says he would never wear flip flops when travelling through an airport. Deciding what to wear can be a tricky, it’s got to be comfortable but also practical. But flip flops are a no go:

Taking to TikTok, a user going by the handle @texascrimetravelers discussed what people should and shouldn’t wear when travelling on a plane. And even though they might prove convenient for going through security scanners, he explained that you should never opt for a slider or flip flop. “Here’s one thing I would never do,” the former agent said.

“I would never wear flip flops in an airport. “I know it’s a hassle of going through TSA to take the shoes off and have to put shoes back on, and it’s easy just to kick kick off flip flops and put them back on, but if there was ever an emergency that you had to evacuate the airport quickly or even exit the aircraft quickly, you don’t want to be stuck in flip flops when you’re trying to hustle.

“One time we were flying back to the United States, and our plane had to make an emergency landing in Brazil. “Of course, the airport wasn’t ready for us, so they landed us at this runway on the outskirts of the airport.

“And of course, out there, there’s no jet bridge, so we had to exit the aircraft by its own stairs and walk to the terminal, which seemed about a mile and we walked across not only the runway, but we had to walk between airfield and the fields were muddy. It was cold. It was rainy.” He added: “And I just don’t think if you had flip flops on, you would have been able to make it to the airport.” So there you have it. Definitely something to think about before you jet off on vacation this summer. But what about once you’re on the plane? It’s not just about what you wear that’s important, what about the food and drink on board?

‘Digital creator’ Kat Kamalani shared a video with her TikTok followers in which she encouraged people to stick to sealed drinks when flying. Sure, you run the risk of scolding your b******s if you’ve got a cup of coffee and hit a bit of turbulence, but Kat shared a slightly less obvious reason to stick to cold drinks. In the video – which has been viewed millions of times – Kat said: “Rule number one – never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle. “The reason being is because those water tanks are never cleaned and they are disgusting. “So talk to a fight attendant and we rarely, rarely drink the coffee or tea that comes from the same water tank, and so when you’re drinking that coffee and tea it comes from that hot water, and it’s absolutely disgusting.”

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