While his wife was in Afghanistan in a mission husband wrote her a letter that broke the internet

Husband woke up one day and decided to write a letter for his lover that is in a mission in Afghanistan and when he posted it online it broke the internet. This is the most wholesome letter ever written to a ‘soldier’. We will provide you  the full letter that he wrote for his  lover. And her reaction was a wholesome moment too. She started crying and told all the buddies in her camp they all were got excited and started applauding. Read the full letter down below:

“While you carry a purse, she carries a 65lb rucksack. While you shop with your girlfriends, she cleans her rifle with her battle buddies. When you wear heels, she wears her combat boots. Instead of the make-up that you wear on your face to make yourself look pretty, she paints her face for camouflage. While you kiss your husband goodbye for the day, she kisses hers goodbye for the year. Don’t forget about the women who serve our country and protect our freedom! God bless our troops!”



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