Heart-tugging moment 2-year-toddler boy sees his mom as a bride

Sweet three-year-old Pierson stands with his dad and waits for his mom to appear in her wedding dress. Pierson is the ring-bearer, wearing a navy blue vest and bowtie just like his father. The familiar wedding song, Canon in D, plays as Pierson gazes down the aisle in anticipation, and his dad begins to tear up. Pierson’s parents had planned to have their wedding pre-pandemi. When virus hit, they postponed the ceremony until everyone could attend. In the meantime, Pierson entered the picture, and the long-awaited day finally came.

The minister calls for the guests to rise, and at first sight of the bride, Pierson excitedly calls out, “Hi Mom!” as he waves both arms and runs toward her. His dad laughs and lets him run with outstretched arms, and his mom greets him with a big smile.

Pierson hugs his mom around her legs. The two walk hand in hand down the aisle and the bride’s brother joins them, holding Pierson’s other hand. Family and friends smile and laugh at cute Pierson stealing the show. One guest puts her hand over her heart at the precious sight.

Though unplanned, mommy-bride, Kristie wouldn’t have had her walk down the aisle go any other way. She describes it as “the sweetest moment of my life” in her original post.

What a precious moment and an unforgettable, love-filled day for everyone.


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