Grandpa gets cheeky with baby girl and she flips it right back to him

Boy did she ever flip the script on grandpa. He’d better watch out.Most people can agree, babies are the absolute cutest. Everything they do, from waddling around as they try to find their footing, to making big ol’ bubbles as they try to form their first words, everything about them is so adorable.

One thing in particular that people can’t help but love is their adorable baby speak.But if that’s the case, why hasn’t anyone learned to translate baby talk?J.R.R. Tolkien created a language so unique that he ended up making a story that revolved around it. In Star Wars, there are whole worlds with languages unique to each individual creature.The possibilities are endless with a strange tongue. So why hasn’t anyone created a universe revolving around toddlers?

Grandpa here gets is as he talks to his adorable granddaughter in her native tongue. We don’t know how and why grandpa is fluent in toddler talk but it’s pretty clear that they understand each other.Their convo clearly gets intense.We only lament the fact that it doesn’t come with subtitles.

This baby girl is telling all to grandpa in great detail.Grandpa responds, confirming that he understands and that he wants to know more. He nods in agreement as she explains her dilemma.

This conversation is so cute though. A viewer named Mary says,“He’s good. He speaks toddler. He phrases it well. They’re having a meaningful conversation. Imagine playing that at her wedding. There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house !”Where did he find a course on toddler-talk?

Relating to a toddler isn’t always the easiest of tasks.The frequent mood swings, tons of energy, and demanding behavior have proven to be too much for most. But grandpa gets it.He engages with her, encouraging his little princess to open up to him.

Leave the raising and disciplining to mom and dad. Let grandpa do the playing and the talking. He does not mind one bit. In fact, he loves it! First Things First provides insight in to that relationship: “Grandparents can bring a special enthusiasm to the time they spend with their little ones, and that helps a child learn and grow. They help children learn by playing, talking and reading together while giving them focused attention. And they teach more directly by telling stories and sharing family and cultural traditions. Grandparents are also in a unique position to reinforce limits and lessons from parents while also listening, wiping away tears and showing their grandchild that they understand.”

There’s no question here that grandpa’s a bit of a genius at forging an emotional bond.It’s funny, sure, but really smart. He’s gaining her trust while forging a bond all at the same time.When grandparents give attention, interaction, and unconditional love, it helps a child feel safe and secure. This leads to excellent brain development and character building.

Studies also show that grandparents live healthier, happier and possibly even longer lives when they have a loving relationship with their grandchildren. If you’ve ever spent any amount of time around a related toddler, you understand. Just make sure you’ve got the energy and patience to do so. Such a cute chat between grandpa and this little girl. He’s really got her attention. His toddler talk is impressive. Whatever the conversation was about, it’s their little secret. No one has to know, not even mom and dad. Grandpa is that cool.

Catch the adorably sassy convo this girl is sharing with her grandpa below!

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