UNBELIEVABLE Woman Who Gave Birth at 62 despite Husband’s Vasectomy Got Pregnant Again

Babies are the most precious of all creatures and, for most couples, a must-have. Here is the unbelievable story of a 62-year-old woman who fell pregnant years after her husband had a vasectomy.

Creating a new life is the most gracious thing; however they choose to come, one at a time, in pairs, or in dozens, it never matters. What truly counts is the child’s well-being and mother’s condition.

While there is a time frame for such a fantastic experience, being too young—a teenage mom or too old—an advanced adult does not get in the way of the bond a mother shares with her child.

With the advancement in science, women as old as 60 and above carry their pregnancies; this is known as geriatric pregnancy. However, there are a few exceptions, such as Jenny, already a mother to two older kids, who fell pregnant at 62.


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Not only was this miracle coming at such an old age, but it was also a more peculiar occurrence because it happened naturally and after sixteen years of her husband’s vasectomy.

Jenny Confessed to Being Surprised about the News

Jenny was not expecting to get pregnant when it happened. Not that she was on birth control pills, but she had passed the age, and for sixteen years, her menstrual clock had stopped ticking.

At 62, with two grown sons and a husband who had undergone vasectomy a few years ago, no doctor would have dared to explain the possibility of the two having another child.But somehow, this couple defied science, and Jenny was as shocked as anyone when she realized that her baby number three was on the way. The expectant mom wasted no time in sharing the news with her followers online. Jenny tagged the “baby miracle baby” as she resolved the questions of curious moms via her Instagram page. During one of her Instagram engagements, the expectant mom who was asked if her tubes were tied answered:

“No my tubes weren’t tied, but my husband did have a little snip snip. Also, I haven’t had a cycle in 16 years. So this is truly the miracle baby. Surprise.”

Apart from clarifying misconceptions that people may have about her, she has criticized the double standards society has made women endure by comparing how people reacted to her pregnancy news towards her and her husband. In a shared post, the mother-of-three explained that everybody has been fussing about her age, but nobody has inquired about her husband’s. According to Jenny:

“He gets a good old high-five when people find out we’re expecting. Well, he’s 72 years old; any more questions?”

Irrespective of the skeptics and those who questioned her decision to keep the baby, Jenny proudly owned her pregnancy, telling the world that all that mattered was her happiness. Thankfully, her story motivated many women who threw in support for the 62-year-old. Under her posts, some women cheered her on while sharing their experiences, adding that children are a blessing. One person quipped:

“There’s nothing wrong with being a older mom. I’m so happy for you.”

Another wrote, “I’m pregnant with twins at age 42 and had my fifth child at age 40. My body says what it can do. I don’t pay attention to anything else.” A third person added, “I’m owning my geriatric pregnancy.” How Jenny’s Husband Handled the Pregnancy Jenny was scheduled to deliver her youngest child in November 2021. Throughout her pregnancy, the expectant mom was blessed with an army of supporters online and offline. While women gathered to support her, Jenny’s husband, Maury, was very present, accompanying his wife to the hospital. In one of her shared clips, she posed a little distant from her husband, who sat with his arms crossed, resting on his walking stick.

Maury did not show a smiling face, as half of his face was covered in a black face mask, so his wife joked about him requesting a paternity test. She quipped: “When you get pregnant 16 years after his vasectomy….”

The Couple Welcomes Their Newborn On November 6, 2021, Jenny shared a video of her infant rolled up in a flannel. Although his face was not visible, her followers could see his cuddly hands and feet. The new mom explained that they were ready to go home, but unfortunately, his “stats started to drop,” leading him to be taken to the NICU.

Two days later, she showed the miracle baby receiving oxygen and being tested for jaundice after having an Echo and an X-ray. Sadly, she left the hospital without him. A month later, Jenny stunned her fans with her little prince charming. She cradled the infant, who looked healthy and had gained weight in a kneaded cap and tiny briefs.

After giving birth to her third child at 62, Jenny miraculously fell pregnant again the following year and welcomed a baby girl with Down Syndrome.

Jenny is proof that a woman can own her geriatric pregnancy and end up with the best result, an invaluable bond with her child, without minding what the world thinks.

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