This is how Courteney Cox, 59, Would Look Like If She Had Never Used Botox & Fillers: Photos via Artificial lntelligence

“Friends” star Courteney Cox is in her late 50s. The actress has opened up about aging in Hollywood and her use of cosmetic surgery. Aging and cosmetic surgery have altered her appearance over the years.

However, with the use of AI, one gets a glimpse into how Cox would have looked today if she had opted to age naturally. The actress underwent plastic surgery, so her appearance while aging is not the same as it would have been if she had aged without undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Cox found getting older was hard and even harder while in Hollywood. She tried to keep her younger appearance by using cosmetic surgery but ended up making things worse. The actress’s emphasis on appearance came from her family, including her mother, who was gorgeous, and her father, who talked a lot about looks.

When Cox would visit doctors, they would tell her she looked great but needed fillers and injections. She moved from one doctor to another, undergoing cosmetic procedures until she felt layered. Cox didn’t realize her appearance was changing until her friend told her to stop as she looked different and not in a good way.

Eventually, Cox accepted that she was getting older and decided to age naturally. She dissolved her fillers because she wasn’t happy with herself and how she looked. “Thank God they’re removable, but I think I’ve messed up. I messed up a lot, and now, luckily, I can, you know, I was able to remove most of that, and now I’m actually just older,” she revealed. Two years after dissolving all her fillers the actress said, “So now I just embrace who I am and getting older with what God gave me, not what I was trying to change.”

The actress is now as natural as can be and feels better because she looks like herself. She has embraced wrinkles and sagging skin. Cox has also realized that fillers are not her friend because of how much they changed her actual look. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but she wants to stay natural.

As she approaches her 60s, Cox looks back at how hard she put injections and stuff on her face to maintain her “Friends” era appearance, and she chuckles. She is amused by the days she used to chase youthfulness using cosmetic surgery because now she is more grounded, has embraced aging, and loves looking like herself. Here is how the actress’s appearance has changed over the years, including when she was aging naturally, using cosmetic surgery, and after she re-embraced natural aging.


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1995: Cox was her natural and beautiful self. Her distinctive look was characterized by dark hair, blue eyes, and a well-defined facial structure. The actress’s face was youthful and fresh, showing no sign of having undergone plastic surgery.

1997: The movie star grew up believing that appearance was the most important thing. Here, her facial structure remained one of the key elements of her distinctive appearance. Her hairstyle and makeup choices enhanced her appearance, not plastic surgery.

2000: Cox maintained her signature dark hair and showcased a sleek and polished style. As she was in her early 40s, the actress’s appearance without plastic surgery showed emerging fine lines and a subtle loss of skin elasticity.

2002: The actress’s cheekbones seemed more refined because of the effects of cosmetic procedures. The face fillers reduced signs of aging on her face and reversed skin damage making her face glow with youthfulness.

2004: Cox’s youthful and fresh look was fading gradually. However, she still had a glowing spark in her eyes and minimal development of fine lines as plastic surgery boosted how she looked over time.

2007: Cox had amazing cheekbones in the mid-2000s. Her smile still stunned many, and she looked like herself despite cosmetic procedures. Due to fillers, the actress developed a plumper look while maintaining her facial structure.

2008: As much as Cox tried her best to maintain a younger appearance, the skin around her eyes showed some signs of aging. However, the rest of her face still showed a woman in her prime, thanks to plastic surgery.

2011: The actress has a stunning appearance here. Her skin appears smooth with a soft texture. Cox’s symmetry, proportion, and contours are more pronounced courtesy of plastic surgery. Her eyes and the skin around it also sparkle with energy and vitality.

2013: Cox had a sunken and hollow appearance here, even with the help of cosmetic surgery. She had previously noted that the procedures made her look like she wasn’t herself. Still, the actress looked younger than a natural aging woman approaching her 50s.

2015: Here, Cox had just entered her 50s. The actress, who admitted to using injectable fillers, had rounder cheeks and elevated cheekbones. Due to cosmetic procedures, aging didn’t lead to loss of facial volume for Cox.

2016: Cox wears a warm and engaging smile. The cheeks and jawline show no loss of volume as much as the actress is in her early 50s. None of her wrinkles, expressions, or fine lines have become noticeable because of plastic surgery.

2018: By this time, Cox had admitted that cosmetic procedures made her look worse in pictures than in real life. Here, the elusive development of wrinkles and fine lines can be seen on her face as she starts to let go of plastic surgery.

2020: Cox revealed that she was dissolving her facial fillers. The actress wanted to look like herself. Even as she stopped cosmetic procedures, her face continued to look younger than that of a naturally-aged woman in her mid-50s.

2022: Cox’s age is visible in her face, having stopped trying to alter her appearance and steering away from looking her age. The actress’s facial line had become more noticeable, and there was a reduction in her skin elasticity.

2023: Cox is now heading to her 60s. Her appearance shows a woman with hollow cheeks and eyes with a more tired appearance. The actress is as natural as she can be for a woman who first used fillers and has now embraced aging naturally.

Since Cox used cosmetic procedures before going natural, her aging isn’t similar to that of a woman who never underwent plastic surgery. This begs the question of how the actress would have looked if she never altered her appearance from the beginning. AI gives a glimpse into a natural-aging Cox.

30-40s: In this age range, Cox would have had pronounced fine lines, especially when smiling, as per AI. The lines would have appeared as subtle creases and folds on the skin on both sides of her lips and under her eyes.

Aside from the fine lines, according to AI, Cox’s face, which once glowed with vibrancy, would have gentle ripples of age. The soft cheeks would also have been replaced with a more flattened and less contoured appearance.

The thinning of the skin around the actress’s eyes would have started showing, as seen in AI images. Her eyes would have lacked the sparkling glow and adopted dark circles and a more tired look that comes with natural aging.

40-50s: As per AI, Cox would have had an increased presence of fine lines and wrinkles in her 40-50s. The wrinkles are evident on her forehead, cheeks, and mouth area, unlike in reality, where she used plastic surgery to boost her skin elasticity.

The actress’s eyes do not hold the vibrancy of youthfulness. According to AI, Cox’s eyelids would have reduced in firmness, and the fat pads behind them would have decreased, causing their hollow appearance in this picture.

Unlike when she used fillers, AI shows that Cox’s cheeks, while aging naturally, would have lost facial volume, decreased in plumpness, and the contours flattened. Her cheeks also appear drier, unlike how colorful and moisturized they looked after cosmetic procedures.

59 heading to 60: The natural rosy hue associated with a youthful face and skin has diminished with age. As per AI, Cox’s skin would have lost color and vibrancy as she approached her 60s. Her bones would have also lost density, the skin would have sagged, and the wrinkles and fine lines would have appeared more visible.

Cox has now emphasized the importance of balance and moderation in plastic surgery, a procedure that clearly affected her appearance and how she aged. Today, she has become part of the women in Hollywood who are vocal about letting go of cosmetic surgery, becoming as natural as they can be, and even embracing natural aging.

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