UNBELIEVABLE! This is what happens to your body after giving up alcohol for a month during Dry January

With the indulgence of Christmas and New Year behind us, we are now firmly into the gloom of January.

If you’re one of those people who has decided to attempt Dry January this year ,then congratulations on making this far… assuming you have.

But if you are struggling, perhaps some facts about the health benefits of giving up the booze for a month can have will help to rally your resolve.
According to Alcohol Change UK around one in six adults in the UK, 16 percent, are attempting Dry January, equating to around 8.5 million people.

So you’re not alone out there!

The precise effect on giving up alcohol for a month is not clear, but what is clear is that there are plenty of benefits to it – including both physically and mentally.
One study showed that people who are moderate to heavy drinkers who take a break from alcohol had several health benefits.

These include weight loss, improved blood pressure and insulin resistance, as well as improved cancer-related growth factors.
People have also reported improved concentration and improved sleep.
And one area which also sees some benefits is the gut.

Neuroscientist Sabina Brennan described some of the effects of alcohol on the gut.

She said: “Alcohol can affect gut health in several ways. It disrupts the balance of healthy and harmful bacteria in your gut, it can also damage the gut lining, and increase stomach acid production, potentially leading to heartburn.”

She added: “Alcohol can speed up or slow down gut movement, causing issues like diarrhoea or constipation.
“It can also worsen stress and anxiety, affecting the gut-brain connection. The effects depend on how much and what type of alcohol you consume, so it’s best to drink in moderation. If you have ongoing gut problems, consult your local GP for personalised advice.”

That’s the effects of it laid out nice and clear, but what about the benefits of stopping?
Well, clinical dietician Kate Hilton highlighted some of them.
She said: “Abstaining from alcohol helps restore a healthier balance of gut bacteria, essential for good digestion and immune function.”

But that’s not it, she added: “A break from alcohol allows the gut to heal, decreasing inflammation and digestive discomfort.”

She continued: “Going alcohol-free improves the gut’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.”

It can also see improvement to your mood and your skin complexion.

Giving up alcohol for a month can also be a good way to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol.

Rather than drinking compulsively or as a social crutch you can learn to say no, and if you do choose to start drinking again you can do so just because you enjoy it.

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