The Kids All Laughed When This Shy Teen Came Out For The Talent Show. Then The Music Started

Few people are made to perform in front of large crowds. Many of the world’s top performers had to go through grueling practice and rehearsals to feel as naturally on the stage as they seem to the viewing public. Even some of the most prolific performers still get pre-show jitters just like they used to while performing at their high school talent show. Brett Nichols still gets nervous when he has to get in front of a crowd and perform. While he doesn’t look like it, Brett is still a teenager. However, his dance moves are so spot on that you might think he is Michael Jackson’s reincarnation. And although he has yet to “make it” in the entertainment world, he delivered one talent show performance that has inspired thousands of people to follow in Brett’s footsteps and pursue their dreams.

Because all his peers think of Brett as a quiet and shy individual, they’re stunned when he steps out on stage with as much confidence as the King of Pop himself. It is almost as if Brett had a private session with Jackson, a master class, where he got to pick the legendary performer’s brain and learn his moves from the pro. But as it turns out, Brett never got to sit in with Jackson. He only learned the dance moves through hours and hours of hard practice and dedication to the art form.

Because Brett has a reputation of being shy and timid in school, his classmates had no idea what to expect from him when they saw it was him walking across the stage to perform next at the talent show. However, as soon as the music started, the audience could tell they were in for a treat. No one is going to attempt a Michael Jackson song unless they’re damn good at what they do. The audience knew that.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about Brett’s performance is his persona. Because he is considered one of the “shy ones” at school, he proves that shyness can be shed like unwanted skin. This performance is almost like Brett as a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. His peers recognize the transformation in him as well – and that’s part of the reason this video performance has gone on to become so motivational. If Brett can step up to the challenge, so can everyone else who has been hiding his or her talent from the world out of shyness or self-doubt.

At the time of the performance, Brett made a strong impression on both his audience and the contest judges. So it should not be a surprise to learn that Brett won first place in the talent show.

Because he did such a stellar job at the Pitman High School talent show in Turlock, California, Brett went on to dance for his fans on NBC, CNN, and ABC’s The View. Michael Jackson cover bands have also contracted with Brett to have him come on tour with them. He is a hit through and through.

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