These dads started a dance group to spread positivity & took over TikTok

A group of dads gained global recognition after they decided to surprise their kids with a dance routine during a recital. Today, these famous dads are stars on TikTok and are recognized by the name The Outta Puff Daddys.

The dads first met while taking their kids to dance classes. Ever since, they became sort of friends and started creating fun dance routines. Their initial idea was to perform a single dance routine at a recital but the feedback from the crowd was so positive they decided to continue performing.

Speaking of their first dance routine, the group’s leader, Paul “Jukebox” Jukes, said they “literally took the roof off.”

“The noise was phenomenal and of course, the kids in the audience were like, ‘Hang on a second, that’s your dad,’” he shared with Good News Network in 2023.

Today, the number of members grew to around 50. These dads, whose age ranges from 40 to 60, use their dancing as a way of “breaking stereotypes” about mental health.

They not only gathered plenty of followers on the social media but took their shows on the road.

“Our bond provides a real lifeline for our own mental wellness,” their website states. “We break through all stereotypes surrounding traditional masculinity, encouraging others to talk openly about their mental health.”

Their message of “joy and positivity” is spread wherever they perform and during their journey, they encourage their fans to adopt healthier approaches to mental health.

When going through depression, having a support system can make a significant difference in overcoming the problem, and in The Outta Puff Daddys, Paul found exactly that.

“I believe everyone should be constantly underpinning and supporting their mental health— as we all do with our physical health,” Paul said. “So that when those moments arise, we immediately have strategies in place,” he added.

We love watching these daddies’ dance moves, do you?

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