Bullied Teen Doesn’t Dare Go To The School Prom Then 120 Bikers Show Infront Of Her Door. What They Do Next Is Beyond Imagination

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in July 2017.A group of 120 leather-clad bikers came to the rescue of a brave teenage girl, Shannon Purcifer, who missed her high school prom due to relentless bullying. The 16-year-old decided to skip her original prom because she had been subjected to taunts related to her health issues, including coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis, and arthritis.

Photo Credit: Claire Carstens/Facebook

Shannon’s story, which touched the hearts of many across the nation, gained prominence after her mother, Claire Carstens, shared pictures of her in an unused £470 prom dress. The online outpouring of support led to a heartwarming turn of events. Gosport Scooter Club, a fleet of compassionate bikers, decided to organize an alternative prom for Shannon as a response to the bullies who had targeted her for over a year and a half. Their act of kindness demonstrated that solidarity can triumph over cruelty.

Photo Credit: Claire Carstens/Facebook

Shannon’s alternative prom turned out to be a night better than she could have ever imagined. One of the most exciting moments was the arrival of the bikers. Shannon said, “The best part was when the bikes arrived. I knew they were coming, but I had no idea I was going to be riding there on a three-wheeled bike.” During the event, Shannon was also presented with a corsage adorned with a picture of her late father, Daniel Purcifer, a Royal Navy Petty Officer who passed away in Germany in 2007 at the age of 28. The corsage was a touching tribute to her dad’s memory.

Photo Credit: Claire Carstens/Facebook

Claire Carstens, Shannon’s mother, expressed her satisfaction with the alternative prom, emphasizing that there is no better way to defy bullies than to go out and enjoy oneself. The event was attended by Shannon’s stepfather, Kevin Carstens, her brothers Alex and Brandon, and her four-year-old sister Freya, along with supportive friends and family. Before the alternative prom, Shannon had tried on her dress on the night of her original school event in June, even though she had decided not to attend, a decision that led to her mother’s emotional Facebook post. Claire Carstens explained that her daughter had been looking forward to the prom for months, but the relentless bullying had taken a toll on her mental and emotional well-being.

Photo Credit: Claire Carstens/Facebook

Shannon’s health conditions require her to take up to five tablets a day, including medication for rheumatoid arthritis, which doctors diagnosed last year. Despite the challenges she has faced, Shannon is set to begin college in the autumn, marking the start of a new chapter in her life. The heartwarming gesture of the bikers and the overwhelming support from friends, family, and strangers alike prove that kindness and compassion can triumph over adversity.


Sources: The Sun

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