Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle Causes Argument Among Fans

Wheel of Fortune viewers were surprised by a recent puzzle solution that sparked mixed reactions among fans. Despite earning contestant Adam Goodell a hefty $2,450 win, the solution left some viewers in stitches while others were taken back by its risqué nature for a family-friendly show.

The puzzle, solved by Goodell as “brushing up on my Italian sausage,” fell under the category of “before and after.” Combining two phrases with the word “Italian,” the solution raised eyebrows due to its suggestive connotations.

Social media buzzed with reactions, with some calling it “kinky” and others finding it downright hilarious. Tweets ranged from disbelief to amusement, with many poking fun at the puzzle’s unexpected twist.

Even host Pat Sajak joined in on the fun, jokingly referring to the solution as a “grilling expression.”

Despite the controversy, Wheel of Fortune continues to captivate audiences with its entertaining puzzles and iconic hosts.

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