Remember Her From Storage Wars? Here’s How She Ended Up

The ending of the TV show Storage Wars left many of its cast and actors feeling unsure about their future careers. Some of them didn’t do well after the show ended, facing legal battles or even tragic events like death. If you were a fan of the show, stay tuned as we delve into the lives of the cast members off-screen.

  1. Barry Weiss, known as “The Collector,” was a fan favorite. He left Storage Wars after four seasons to pursue spin-off shows, but they didn’t last long. Unfortunately, he also had a severe motorcycle accident in 2019. After recovering, he became a brand ambassador for a casino.
  2. Dan and Laura Dotson were the auctioneers who added drama to the show. They continued their auctioneering business after the show ended, but tragedy struck when their son was injured in a shooting.
  3. Dave Hester, the show’s antagonist, faced legal battles after being fired from Storage Wars. He returned to the show but later lost a lawsuit against Public Storage.
  4. Emily Wares, a talented auctioneer, moved on to personal and entrepreneurial ventures after the show, including starting a family and running a small business selling cowboy-themed goods.
  5. Rene Nezhoda and his wife Casey Lloyd continued running their thrift store after the show, but they faced a robbery, prompting them to improve security.
  6. Daryl Sheets, known as “The Gambler,” embraced semi-retirement and faced health issues but found love again and moved to a new city.
  7. Justin Bryant became the youngest bidder on the show and used his profits to help his family. He’s now married with children and runs a YouTube channel.
  8. Mo Poff, a side character, was a successful podiatrist and art dealer. He sadly passed away in 2021 after a long illness.
  9. Jenny Grumbles, known as “The Dazzler,” focused on her furniture business after the show and overcame personal challenges, including achieving sobriety and becoming a mother.
  10. Brandi Passante, a fan favorite, faced personal struggles, including domestic violence, health issues, and the loss of her father.
  11. Tom Beers, the show’s executive producer, continued his successful career in television and enjoys family life.
  12. Mary Padian, known as the “Junkster,” continued hunting for treasures and running her own business, also contributing to charitable causes.
  13. Brandon Sheets, Daryl’s son, transitioned to real estate and worked for UPS after leaving the show.
  14. Kenny Crossley, known for his catchphrase “Kenny do it,” started his own clothing line and manages a candy company, also sharing his experiences on YouTube.
  15. Ivy Calvin, known as the “king of Palmdale,” continued running his thrift store and adapted to online sales during the pandemic.
  16. Jarrod Schulz had a troubled past but turned his life around after prison. He started a successful business and appeared on Storage Wars with his partner Brandi Passante, although they later split.


These stories show that life after reality TV isn’t always easy, but the cast members have found different ways to move forward and find success in their own paths.

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