Navy Father Meets Newborn Son After Months-Long Deployment And Has Four Words To Say To His Wife

Service to the country is one of the main reasons people join the different arms of the military. People who are patriotic for their country often feel a sense of duty when they are called to serve. But joining the military and serving the country isn’t a small task; it takes devotion, strength and significant sacrifice to go through it. Besides the zeal to serve, the ability to make sacrifices is one of the major requirements to consider before taking this huge step. Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video 🙂

Making sacrifices is not only on the path of the individual serviceman; it is also on the path of their family members and loved ones. While the families of servicemen are not in direct service to the country, they hold the fort for these men and women who put down their lives for their country.

Oftentimes, servicemen are deployed for extended periods, keeping them away from family and vice versa. This period is usually a difficult one for both parties, as the goodbyes at the point of departure may be their last physical encounter. What’s more, a good number of these servicemen are married with a young, growing family.

According to data from the US Department of Defense, nearly 50 percent of military personnel are married, and 39 percent have children. This data implies that a good number of servicemen miss out on important family milestones when they are away on deployment.

In one such case, a dad, Lt. Michael Lemmons, who serves in the Navy, missed the birth of his son when he was on deployment for months. On his return to Bremerton, Washington after spending 8 months at sea, the Navy dad came home to a newborn son.


Coming home to family after months of deployment is one of the most exhilarating experiences for servicemen. However, coming home and seeing the face of a new member of the family may be even more exciting.

At the end of Michael’s deployment aboard the USS John C. Stennis, the Navy dad met his youngest son, 8-week-old Hunter Ethan Lemmons, for the first time. Michael’s wife, Holly Lemmons, was two months pregnant when he was deployed on the Stennis, causing him to miss the birth of his youngest child. Needless to say, the dad was overcome by emotions when he held the newborn in his arms.

“He’s perfect. Thank you,” he said before kissing Holly.

Holly was as emotional at her husband’s homecoming as he was at meeting his youngest son. The days leading up to his deployment were filled with surprises for the family. First, Holly found out she was pregnant barely 48 hours before they received news of Michael’s deployment. The pregnancy came as a surprise to the couple, who already had two kids, Samantha and Michael Jr., and were done with having kids.

The second surprise came within 48 hours of the first; Michael was notified of his deployment five months earlier than scheduled.

“Within probably 48 hours of each other, I think we found out about the baby, and then we found out that they had moved the deployment up by about five months,” Holly shared.

Although the couple knew that it was going to be a trying phase for them, they pulled through with constant communication and updates.

The situation with the Lemmons was not peculiar to them. Like Michael, 27 other dads aboard the Stennis were also meeting their newborns for the first time.

What do you think of Michael Lemmons meeting his newborn son for the first time weeks after he was born due to his deployment? What would you do if you were in his wife’s shoes? Do you know families of military personnel who have been through a similar situation? Do let us know — and be sure to pass this article on to friends and family members.

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