What her husband is doing when she is cleaning up the house Turns Heads within the internet

One self-proclaimed traditional wife allows her beloved husband to… CONTINUE READING BELOW:

sleep with other women while she busies herself with household chores like cooking and cleaning. She claims that “98 percent of her day” revolves around pleasing her husband and that being a traditional housewife is her “love language” because she loves to do things for her husband even when he is letting him sleep with other women. Thirty-seven-year-old housewife, Monica Huldt, is married to her beloved husband, John. Although they have a traditional marriage, Monica allows her husband to break his wedding vows every so often to sleep with other women so he can stay happy and satisfied.

Monica considers herself a “tradwife,” which is a woman who wants to live a traditional life. She spends her days cooking, cleaning, and wearing modest clothing most of the time while being submissive to her husband’s every desire and whim. This lifestyle is becoming more popular these days as some women are reverting back to the traditional lifestyle of housewives from the 1950s and 1960s because they want to please their husbands, who they consider to be the man of the house.

Monica and John’s marriage takes on a unique role. While Monica does all the traditional work to keep house, John is allowed to live a bachelor lifestyle and sleep with other women whenever he wants while his wife is at home doing chores and housework.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Love Don’t Judge, 37-year-old Monica said, “l live to please my husband, John.” She said that he “makes the rules around the house” during their “six years” of happy marriage. Many people question why Monica allows her husband to sleep with other women.

John said, “So this sleeping with other women thing. First of all, it is a really small part of our relationship, Monica was cool with it, and I was cool with it. I think it’s a luxury I have that probably most guys watching this wish they had just because of genetic programming. If you look at how all other mammals, that’s how they do it. Typically the alpha gets to bang all other all the females.”

Monica does not have a problem with her husband John banging “all the females” he wants whenever he wants. She loves him to the moon and back and is willing to do whatever she can to make him happy – even if it is sharing him with other women.

“I actually had like childhood friends straight out telling me that I’ve lost my dignity as a woman,” she said.

Two friends, Victoria and Audrey, questioned why Monica was willing to be a tradwife since she is usually so “strong-minded “and stubborn.

She said, “It’s not like I’m a hopeless little girl. It’s not that. It’s just he’s assertive, and I like that in a man.” Do you think this marriage will last if Monica’s husband continues to sleep with other women?


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