‘A true diva in the making’: 8 year old goes viral after singing national anthem at NBA game

An 8-year-old Washington girl’s rendition of the national anthem during an Indiana Pacers game is stirring up a conversation on social media. Kinsley Murray, dressed in a one sleeve patriotic dress with stars in her hair, passionately sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the basketball game against the Toronto Raptors on Monday, Feb. 26. The video of her singing the national anthem was posted on the Pacers’ TikTok page and has gained over 16 million views. The VIDEO THAT BROKE THE INTERNET IS BELOW:

@pacers the passion. the outfit. this anthem performance was unmatched 🇺🇸 #nba #pacers #national #anthem #basketball ♬ original sound – Pacers

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