Mom Tells Her Baby, “No.” His Response Is Taking The Internet By Storm

When babies begin to use their voices, they just keep on going. This babbling might not make sense to us or the rest of the world, but to the baby behind those “words,” it is the most coherent speech every spoken. And that means one-year-old babies who are babbling do not hesitate to use their words, and their endearing cuteness, to win arguments and get what they want from mom and dad. In the video below, you’ll see one of the cutest arguments ever. After mom tells her baby son ‘no,’ the boy proceeds to use all of his verbal skills to convince mom otherwise. And he does! Watch the video below:

The babbling stage is one of the most exciting ones as a parent. My daughter is steeped in babble right now. And when you hear real words come out of the cacophony, it lights you up because you know your baby is growing and learning all the time. In the clip, the baby boy is sitting in the car. Mom wants to teach him a lesson about safety and gets started using her words: “You have to stay sitting down. Look at mommy. You have to stay sitting, and you can’t climb everywhere.” But this baby boy is not about to take mom’s teachings at face value. He has his own opinions and wants his voice to be heard. So although mom is right, it is important to stay sitting while in a moving vehicle, this baby boy looks at her with his adorable eyes and then launches into a convincing tirade.

In the video below, you’ll get to see this cute boy, and his mother go back and forth, volleying their arguments like they’re on opposing debate teams. Although mom’s arguments are filled with logic and reasonable points, the baby has the advantage because he is just so cute and stubborn. Although none of us can understand what he is saying, he melts his mother’s heart, and she just lets him keep talking because it is so cute. Although this boy is way too young to understand what his mother is talking about, mom’s point was genuine. She wanted her boy to be safe. That’s why the director of parenting education Megan Oesterreich told Parents, the periodical, that parents should point out the real problem in a calm and even-toned manner.

“You have to take the power struggle out of these moments. When my girls give me lip, I should take three breaths to chill out, then sit at their level, get close, and say, ‘Wow. I can hear in your voice that you’re frustrated. Can you tell me what’s going on?’ This will help calm your child down,” Oesterreich said. Although this boy is not really in trouble, mom knows what to do when he starts getting into trouble. It’s a small change that can really get her son to recognize his emotions and deal with them maturely and effectively. How many of us can say we can do that? What’s your initial reaction to this adorable babbling baby?

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