Woman Turns Old Jet Into Luxurious Home Years Before ‘Plane Living’ Trend Takes Off

I just learned about the coolest Boeing 727 house that Jo Ann Ussery amazingly created years before converted buses, shipping containers, and other unorthodox homes got popular. Back in 1993, Ussery was in a difficult situation – her home in Benoit, Mississippi had been destroyed, her husband had recently passed away, and she and her two kids urgently needed a new place to live but had very limited funds. Continue reading down below

Her brother-in-law, an air traffic controller, came up with the wild suggestion that they try living on an airplane! At first Ussery was skeptical, but when he showed her a soon-to-be-scrapped 727 that could be hers for only $2000, she fell in love at first sight. Ussery jokingly named her new jet home “Little Trump” after hearing Donald Trump also owned a 727. Then she rolled up her sleeves and got to work renovating the whole interior herself on a tight budget under $30K. First, Ussery positioned the 138-foot long plane with its nose extending out over a lake on her property and secured the tail with a lot of concrete. After gutting the interior, she upgraded the insulation, laid new flooring, and kept the singular lavatory and overhead bins. The beautifully redesigned space featured three bedrooms, a living room, full kitchen with appliances, and even a laundry room inside the converted jet. And the cockpit was transformed into a luxurious master bathroom overlooking the lake, complete with a soaking tub! Ussery and her children happily lived in their one-of-a-kind Boeing home from 1995 to 1999 before she opened it up as a museum. Sadly, it fell off a truck while being transported a short distance and was completely destroyed. Luckily, thanks to these amazing photos, we can still admire Ussery’s forward-thinking 727 house project. She was truly ahead of her time, upcycling an airplane into a home long before converted planes became a trendy thing. Let me know if you’ve seen other unique repurposed homes like this before! Watch the video below:


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