(VIDEO)The Cutest Marine Corps Promotion Ever – 3-Year-Old Son Pins Dad’s New Rank, But watch the reaction of other Marines that broke the internet

A young son steps up to honor his father’s Marine Corps achievement, their shared moment transforming a military promotion into a family memory, captured for posterity.

A heartwarming military ceremony caught on video.

Source Crystal Carpenter

3-year-old pinning rank on Marine Corps dad

Being part of the US Marines fills one with pride and honor. Recently, we came across a video clip of a US military’s noncommissioned officers promotion ceremony. This occasion becomes even more special when the service member’s son comes in to remove the chevrons and pins on the emblems of the new rank. This clip showcases the deep bond between father and son and has touched many hearts. Kyle B. Carpenter, a Marine Corporal, is promoted to Sergeant, filled with respect and tradition. As he marches towards the commanding officer and salutes, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation.

The unique role of a 3-year-old in his dad's promotion.
Source Crystal Carpenter

Emotional moment between father and son in uniform

The officer then outlines Kyle’s new responsibilities, marking a significant milestone in his career. During the ceremony, Kyle’s senior officer invites his 3-year-old son to play a pivotal role. The boy, waiting with his mother, steps forward confidently. His mother captured these memorable moments on her camera, adding a personal touch to the ceremony. The boy greets the senior officers warmly and approaches his father. Kyle knelt down, making it easier for his son to reach him. With Kyle’s guidance, his son skillfully removes the chevrons and pins on the emblems of the new rank to his uniform. The swift and precise manner in which he proceeds impresses one of the senior officers, who notes the boy’s evident preparation for this important task.

A touching moment between father and son in uniform.
Source Crystal Carpenter

Close-up of new rank being pinned

After successfully placing his father’s badges, the boy hugs Kyle with love and respect. He then politely greeted the senior officers again before rejoining his mother. The ceremony concludes with Kyle receiving an official document, symbolizing his new rank and duties. Sharing this video with loved ones or close friends is a wonderful idea because it showcases the values of honor, family, and dedication. Witnessing such a touching ceremony reminds us of the strong bonds and traditions that make these moments unforgettable.

Proud moment of military promotion with family


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