I thought I’ve seen it all but this gesture by the Amazon driver for the Man in Wheelchair broke the internet and I can’t stop my tears

An Amazon delivery driver went the extra mile by clearing a snow-covered driveway for Don Wheeler, who has been in a wheelchair for two decades.

The unknown delivery driver (left) / Wheeler (right) | Credit: News 5 Cleveland

For Wheeler, shoveling snow is a time-consuming task that can take hours, if not days, given his wheelchair-bound condition. He shared the struggles of trying to manage this task, especially when on disability. Calling a company for assistance is often financially daunting for someone on a fixed income.

However, fate took a warm turn when Wheeler received a message indicating that his package was the next delivery. Expecting the usual routine, Wheeler prepared to meet the Amazon driver outside. Little did he know that this encounter would bring more than just a package.

As Wheeler waited, the Amazon driver not only delivered his package promptly but also engaged in a selfless act of kindness. Hearing the sounds of shoveling, Wheeler was surprised to see the delivery driver clearing his snow-covered ramp.

“He didn’t give me a name. He didn’t give me, ‘Hey, post me on this so I can get the likes,’ it was purely from the heart,” Wheeler told News 5, emphasizing the genuine nature of the gesture.

Despite not knowing the driver’s identity, Wheeler hopes to meet him again and applauds the anonymous Good Samaritan for bringing a sense of humanity back to normalcy in a rapidly changing world.

In a surprising revelation, Wheeler discovered that the driver didn’t just do his house but also others.

“My heart wants to cry with joy. It does mean an awful lot. See, I’m getting emotional about it,” Wheeler said.

UPDATE: Wheeler got to meet the Amazon driver! See video below.


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