‘Controversial’ Message Seen On Back Of SUV Sparks Online Debate

After being uploaded online, a phrase scrawled on the rear of an SUV swiftly gained popularity.After a Reddit user posted a picture of the driver on the platform, several people praised the driver for having the message visible on the back of the SUV.Beside the picture of the vehicle, the user commented, “Saw this patriot while driving.” “This is America…we don’t redistribute wealth—we earn it,” the message said.With regard to the transfer of wealth, many readers agreed with the driver’s statement.

“Well done to the man who had the audacity to put this phrase on his back window! The same thing should be said and done by more people, and who knows? Maybe it will reach everyone, or at least some of the countless freeloaders who believe they should be paid for their labor! A reader made a comment.

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