(VIDEO)Travis Kelce Pushes Head Coach in Sideline Outburst

Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce erupted in frustration towards head coach Andy Reid during a viral sideline outburst in Super Bowl LVIII.

The incident followed a crucial fumble by Chiefs’ starting running back Isaih Pacheco on the team’s opening drive. Kelce, who was not involved in the play, expressed his discontent by confronting Reid, pushing him in the chest.

Video footage showed Kelce being restrained by Chiefs’ pass-catching back Jerick McKinnon after the physical altercation with Reid.

Speculation arose that Kelce’s frustration stemmed from not being included in the play leading to the fumble. He appeared to mouth the words “keep me in” while attempting to communicate with Reid.

The incident sparked widespread discussion on social media, with many criticizing Kelce’s actions.

“Travis Kelce’s behavior towards his coach is unacceptable,” remarked conservative commentator Jack Posobiec.

“Travis Kelce’s behavior is disappointing,” commented a Lakers fan account LakeShowYo.

Some social media users also made light of Kelce’s relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift, joking about her potential reaction to the incident.

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