Lady Learns Her Husband Switches from SUV to Old Cheap Car Daily and Leaves Town

Catherine suspects something is off after her husband switches from his SUV to a cheap old car daily and leaves the city limits. Worried, she follows him, only to uncover his secret life. It was a peaceful evening. Catherine had just entered the supermarket’s parking lot when she recalled her husband, Dylan. He would sometimes shop at the supermarket after work. She stopped her car, pulled out her phone, and called him. But the call went to voicemail. Catherine was about to slip her phone into her pocket when it buzzed with a message from him: “Still at work. Talk to you later.”

Catherine sighed. She was planning on grabbing a coffee with him at the supermarket’s cafe, but she would wait until next time. She parked her car, grabbed the shopping bag from the backseat, and exited the vehicle. As she was navigating through the row of parked cars, a black SUV caught her eye. It was Dylan’s, given the scratch on the rear bump. Catherine approached the vehicle and peered inside through its tinted windows. The car was empty. But what was Dylan’s car doing here? Wasn’t he at work? The thoughts of his whispered phone calls, recent late nights at work, and sudden behavioral changes flooded her mind. In the spur of the moment, she returned to her car and decided to wait for him, hoping to confront him when he returned to his car. Her worried thoughts were interrupted when an old, dilapidated sedan pulled into a nearby parking spot.

Catherine’s jaw dropped when Dylan emerged from it. She noticed he was not in his work attire. Instead, he was disguised in ragged clothes. She saw him glance around before he got into his SUV and changed into his work suit. He dumped the old clothes in the battered sedan, then drove away in his SUV. Catherine was baffled. She drove off, deciding to reach home before him and act normal. She prepared dinner that evening and sat down to eat with him, as usual. “So, how was your day?” she asked, noticing he seemed lost and wasn’t interested in the food. “Oh, it was usual…meetings, paperwork, the regular stuff,” he answered as if he had practiced the reply before.

“I thought you’d have popped out for a bit?” she said. “Nah, today was packed,” he replied, and Catherine’s heart sank. Was he lying because he was cheating on her? Catherine wanted to confront him, but she wasn’t prepared. She also couldn’t accuse him without proof. She somehow finished dinner, did the dishes, and went to bed. The next morning, she awoke early. She had planned to station herself in the supermarket’s parking lot and wait for him to arrive.

“Where are you headed so early?” Dylan’s groggy voice stopped her as she was leaving the bedroom after getting dressed in her casual attire. “Oh, I’ve booked an early morning massage session, remember? The back pain’s been kiIIing me,” she lied. “Going without breakfast?” “Yeah, I’ll grab something on the way and see you in a while. Sleep in,” She pecked him on the forehead and left the house. After arriving at the parking lot, Catherine’s gaze was fixed on the entrance. As she had suspected, Dylan showed up in his SUV and switched to the sedan. As he drove away after changing into the old clothes, Catherine followed him discreetly, taking care she was not spotted. But at one point, Dylan looked into his rearview mirror, and their eyes almost met. Her heart raced, and her palms went cold. She thought she was caught, but a bus moved between them, breaking the line of sight.

Catherine sighed in relief, blending in with the traffic, using larger vehicles as a screen when possible. Soon, they were leaving the city’s outskirts and taking a less-traveled route filled with cracks and potholes. Her sense of uneasiness grew when she found herself in a forested area. Dylan turned into the dirt road leading into the woods. Catherine pulled over a good distance from the turn-off, ensuring her car was obscured by the thickets. She decided to continue the journey on foot and began navigating through the forest for a sign of Dylan or his old car.

Catherine was careful not to make a noise as she walked through the forest. After what seemed like an eternity, the dense trees opened up to a clearing. There, she saw the old sedan parked near a weathered, old wooden house. Catherine hid behind the bushes, about 30 meters from the house, and saw the house’s porch where Dylan was…talking to a poor man in ragged clothing.

Catherine saw them laughing and interacting and couldn’t hold herself back. “What’s going on here?” she yelled, approaching them. “Catherine? Wha-what are you doing here?” Dylan asked, shocked. “Who is this beauty?” the other man, Harry, asked, looking at her.

“I’m his wife!” yelled Catherine. “Explain everything, Dylan! Why did you lie about the office meeting? And what’s with you switching your SUV in the supermart’s parking lot and coming here in that rundown vehicle? And WHO IS THIS MAN??”

Blood drained off Dylan’s face. “Wife? You never mentioned her! You said you were a poor man who worked at the gas station!” Harry stared at Dylan. “You were lying all along?” “Harry, please. I-I can explain!” Dylan replied nervously. A strange rage gripped Harry. He grabbed the bottle on a nearby table and smahed it against Dylan’s head. Dylan’s eyes rolled back, and he crumbled to the ground, unconscious. A sharp pain spot through his head when he opened his eyes. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was bound to a chair, and beside him was Catherine…also tied to a chair. They were trapped in the basement.

“Start talking, Dylan! What the heck is happening?” Her eyes welled up in fear and confusion.

Dylan hung his head, knowing he had to come clean. “I should’ve told you everything, but I wanted to protect you from my past,” he said. “I-I had a son, Catherine, and it all started when I went to a doctor with him…”

19 years ago…

Dylan, 19, stepped out of the doctor’s office and stared at his baby son in his arms. His little son was diagnosed with a rare condition and needed urgent surgery, which would cost about $100,000. Dylan didn’t have that kind of money. In despair, he called his girlfriend and told her everything. When he arrived home, he had never expected to find a note from her stating that she was leaving him. “Don’t look for me. I didn’t want this child, Dylan! Bye!” it said. Dylan was devastated. He called his friend, Harry, who was a robber. Dylan was desperate for money as his son’s life was on the line. Harry proposed he join him for a bank robery, and Dylan agreed. He was supposed to drive Harry’s group out of the city after they had looted the bank, and Dylan was supposed to get a share of the loot.

On D-Day, Dylan was waiting in the car outside the bank, his face obscured by a mask. He was supposed to wait for 7 minutes, after which Harry and his gang would be out. Dylan’s racing thoughts were interrupted by the loud banging of the bank’s door. Soon, Harry flung the car door open and jumped in. “DRIVE NOW!” he shouted. “They’re gone! Drive!” Harry ordered.

Dylan did as he was instructed. But it was long before he noticed the poIice lights in the rearview mirror. The police sirens grew louder. Dylan floored the gas pedal as he wove through traffic, trying to escape the cops. But the cops kept getting closer and started f*ring. Dylan’s heart raced when Harry was sh*t in his shoulder. “Keep driving!” Harry said, groaning in pain. But another buIIet pierced their car tire. The sedan Dylan was driving lurched to the side, becoming increasingly difficult to control. “We’re not going to make it, Dylan! Listen to me…” Harry came up with a plan. “There’s a narrow alley up ahead, about 300 meters. Drive into it, and you’ll find a sewer hatch. Ditch the car, get into the sewers, and follow the markings. Don’t worry about me. Take all the money with you. But keep my share. I expect to be paid when I get out of jaiI.” Dylan didn’t have a choice and did as Harry had asked. When the cops found their car, Harry was arested, but they didn’t find any money. “Where’s the rest of the crew?” Dylan asked.

Dylan, on the other hand, could get his son’s surgery scheduled. But before the operation, the lead surgeon told him the surgery would be more extensive and cost double—$200,000. Dylan was torn apart. If he agreed to the doctor’s demands, he would be spending Harry’s share and endangering his own life. He knew Harry wouldn’t go easy on him. But if he didn’t spend Harry’s share, Dylan would lose his son.


“I spent Harry’s share and got the surgery done, but my son didn’t make it. His passing left me broken, but when I met you, Catherine, things changed. I felt like I could start a new life. I thought Harry would never find me, especially not 20 years later. So I never told you the truth.” “How did he find you?” Catherine demanded, still shocked by his revelations. “I got a call from him. He said he was out of prsion. I have no idea how he tracked my number. I pretended to be a poor man because I didn’t want to return his share. Whatever I’ve earned is through my hard work. So I came up with a plan to deceive him.” “$100,000 is a drop in the ocean for you, Dylan! You could’ve just given it to him. How could you play with our lives like this? I hate you!” Catherine sneered.  Right then, the basement door flung open. Harry appeared with a smirk. “I just had a little visit to your cozy home,” he snarled. “Quite the palace you’ve got there, though not many valuables. Makes me wonder where all the money went.”

Dylan knew it was high time he made things right. So he asked Harry to let Catherine go. In return, he proposed to drive Harry to the bank and hand over the million dollars in his account. Harry agreed. “But if you even think of playing any tricks or getting the poIice involved, I won’t hesitate to spill all about your dark past,” Harry warned Dylan. “Remember, I’ve got nothing to lose, and I’ve plenty of allies in jaiI. You mess with me, and you pay the price.” Dylan nodded. But as he dove to the bank that day, he realized he couldn’t trust Harry. Dylan was convinced Harry would eIeminate him and Catherine after getting those million dollars. He couldn’t endanger Catherine’s life. So, as Dylan approached the bank teller, he shouted, “This is a robbery!” Panic ensued between the employees and visitors. The bank doors closed with a bang, and guards surrounded him and Harry. “What are you doing? I’ll make sure the cops know every sordid detail of your past!” Harry hissed. Dylan looked Harry in the eye. “I will tell them everything myself, but I’m glad Catherine will be alive!” he answered as he was taken to the poIice car.  Tell us what you think about this story, and share it with your friends. It might inspire them and brighten their day.

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