Teen Asks Internet For Help Calling His Foster Parent “Mom” For The First Time, Internet Delivers.

“Janice is the best mom I could have ever asked for,” the boy wrote in his post. “She has been so unbelievably kind and loving to me and I absolutely adore her. The problem is that I don’t call her mom, I just call her Janice. I want to start calling her mom but have no idea how to without making it awkward. Please help me internet strangers.”

Commenters were more than happy to share their advice, and some of their ideas were absolutely heartwarming! Of course, everyone was also eager for him to update them when he finally started calling his foster parent “Mom.”

1. This person suggested a subtle approach.

Calling your foster parent “Mom” for the first time is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean the moment has to be a formal event. Naturally slipping it into everyday conversation can be pretty special, too!

2. Of course, sometimes a little fanfare can also be sweet.

Another commenter suggested the opposite tactic. Find a creative way to celebrate this moment like the special occasion it is!

3. One user had a helpful anecdote to share.

What a sweet story! This is such a clever way to start calling a foster parent “Mom,” and it clearly worked out pretty well.

4. However, the direct approach is often the best.

Here’s an option with no beating around the bush! If you already know what you want, you can literally just ask for it.

5. Calling this foster parent “Mom” would make such an incredible gift.

Here’s a sweet way to call her “Mom” without saying it out loud. Not only would this make things easier, but it would also be an extra special gesture!

6. According to one user, this teen already has already said all he needs to say.

All that’s left to do is say it to Janice. A handwritten card would be the perfect way to give her the message!

7. Calling a foster parent “Mom” might seem awkward, but it’s not.

byu/liberalFilmNerd76 from discussion

Plus, even if it does feel a little awkward in the moment, wouldn’t that be worth it? In the future, both mother and son will look back on the interaction and smile.

8. There are two things every mom wants to hear.

byu/liberalFilmNerd76 from discussion

Only one thing could possibly be more meaningful than calling a foster parent “Mom.” Tell her you love her!

9. Ultimately, there’s no way to screw this up.

byu/liberalFilmNerd76 from discussion

At the end of the day, Janice probably really wants to be called “Mom.” However this teen chooses to say it for the first time, she’s going to be thrilled.

10. Here’s what actually happened!

This teen boy decided to go with the direct approach after all, and it ended up being the most special moment ever! He was so grateful for everyone’s thoughtful advice.

Adoption is a huge responsibility, so the parents who are up to the challenge deserve all the recognition in the world. We’re so glad that this son finally got up the courage to start calling his foster parent “Mom.”

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