After hearing what my daughter had disclosed, I was in shock.

Ruby, a woman whose life had been woven with the threads of familial closeness, found herself at the center of an enigmatic tale that unfolded within the comforting embrace of her own home. As an only child, she had cherished the unbreakable bond with her parents, a connection that persisted even as she ventured into the realm of adulthood.

The heart of this familial tapestry beat with shared moments—field hockey games cheered by proud parents, diligent attendance at school meetings, and the comforting rhythm of regular visits during her college years. Even then, her parents, especially her mother, manifested their love through a culinary tradition, bringing forth meals that served as a tangible expression of their unwavering support.

The narrative took a peculiar turn when Ruby’s daughter, Cindy, became the storyteller herself, introducing a mysterious character into the familial narrative. Cindy, teary-eyed and visibly perturbed, shared an unsettling revelation that cast a shadow over the household’s tranquility. It was a revelation that pivoted around an enigmatic figure named William—a name etched in the annals of Ruby’s family history.

At first, Ruby, in her assumption, believed that Cindy’s references to her grandmother’s “friend” were rooted in familiarity, perhaps an acquaintance or neighbor whose presence had become a casual part of their lives. However, the narrative took a haunting twist when Cindy uttered the name “William.” The significance of this name reverberated through Ruby’s consciousness, triggering memories long held in the recesses of her mind.

William—a name that stirred echoes of the past, a name that belonged to Ruby’s father, a figure who had departed from the realm of the living some time ago. The revelation struck like a chilling breeze, sending shivers through the familial fabric that had, until now, been defined by warmth and shared history.
In the face of this perplexing revelation, Ruby and her family found themselves caught between the mundane and the mysterious. Cindy’s tearful disclosure initiated a collective inquiry into the nature of this spectral presence named William—a presence that transcended the boundaries of the living.

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