Mom Disables Sound of Baby Monitor at Midnight, Wakes up Hours Later to Check on Her Little Kid

A mom who muted the sound on her baby monitor at midnight had the shock of her life when she woke up a couple of hours later to check on her toddler.

Posting to Reddit’s “beyondthebump” subreddit, user Abc123xyz789qrs456 shared a terrifying experience she had after accidentally muting the sound on her baby monitor, assuming her child was sound asleep in his crib.

The mom of a 6-month-old baby said she wanted some reassurance and not “condolences” that her baby would bounce back from the nightmarish incident. That evening, the Original Poster (OP) went out, leaving the baby under her mother’s care. She’d already nursed him and thought he’d never wake up hungry for a while. OP returned home at around 11 p.m. and peeked into her son’s nursery. The baby was fast asleep and had been since half-past eight. Her mom told her the toddler didn’t eat or drink much before bed.

The woman believed everything was fine and peeped into the nursery again to take a last look before bed. She closed the door and walked away with the baby monitor. At around midnight, or probably a couple of hours later, (OP couldn’t be sure), she heard her baby shift in his sleep, though she couldn’t recall it.

The following morning, she sensed a drastic change in her baby’s attitude and was unsettled.

As she didn’t want to disturb her husband, she disabled the sound on the monitor for a few seconds (though she vaguely remembered doing this) to check if her child woke up, then tucked it under her pillow, which she often did to mute the static. She only realized the next day that she forgot to enable the sound of the monitor before returning back to sleep.

Here’s where the situation worsened—since the monitor was muted, nobody heard the baby from the bedroom and remained clueless about what was going on in the nursery.

OP jumped out of bed at around 4 a.m. to check on her baby since she was aware of his recent late-night wake-ups. However, she was perplexed when she peeped into the crib. The baby was asleep in the corner, but OP was bothered by the toddler’s sleeping posture. It didn’t make any sense to her at first.

He’d rotated around 180 degrees and flipped onto his stomach. OP was sure her boy never moved around in his sleep and became suspicious.

She then realized her baby usually moved around in his sleep only when awake and bawling. The baby probably screamed and thrashed a lot before falling asleep in that position. OP criticized herself for not being there when her baby needed her. Later that morning, she sensed a drastic change in her baby’s attitude and was unsettled. The baby who was once full of smiles seemed gloomy. He hesitated to hold OP’s finger, and she thought his gestures were half-hearted. The mom then recalled a similar mistake she vowed never to repeat.

OP once woke up hearing the baby stirring and muted the monitor to check if her baby had started crying. She then closed her eyes and accidentally dozed off for an hour by mistake.

At the time, she promised not to let it happen again, but apparently, she did it again and now she couldn’t muster herself to get over it. “I’ve screwed up before, but never this badly,” she confessed.

Caught off guard, OP took to social media to confess her mistake as she was worried this would have a long-term impact on her baby and bitterly affect their relationship.

However, people on Reddit advised OP that her son would eventually forget what happened and bounce back to his cheerful self. User caffeine_lights wrote:

“Accidents happen. Apologize and move on. I bet he will…One incident in the context of a healthy, loving, attached relationship is not going to damage him or hurt your relationship.”

“There are plenty of babies who have gone through the same due to emergency, and they turn out just fine. Just give it a day or two,” Redditor hybbprqag stated.

Though people assured her the baby would be fine, OP said she wanted to ensure her carelessness wouldn’t make any difference to her baby. “But every time I look at him, I just see hurt and betrayal and neglect and abandonment and bewilderment. I’m devastated,” she concluded.

Do you think the incident would have a lasting impact on OP’s baby?

Some people advised that the baby would be fine, and since he was only 6 months old, he wouldn’t remember OP leaving him alone to cry and starve for four long hours at night. Others comforted her, saying it wouldn’t damage their relationship, but she needs to be a bit cautious the next time. Had the baby been a bit older, would OP’s mistake have taken a toll on their relationship?

Is it okay for parents to disable the sound of their baby monitor at night?

Some parents, like OP herself, mute their baby monitor to avoid disturbance at night. OP would often tuck the monitor under her pillow to muffle the static. Some people would advise against this to avoid unforeseen incidents such as what happened to OP. In what other ways could OP monitor her child and still get some good rest without having to turn off her baby monitor?

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