Outback Workers Turn Heads Online After People See Message They Left On Cops’ Receipt

Viral Act of Kindness: Local Outback Steakhouse Manager and Server Treat Police Officers to Lunch

A heartwarming act of kindness at a Slidell, Louisiana Outback Steakhouse has captured the attention of social media users. The local police officers who dined at the restaurant were in for a surprise when they received their check with a thoughtful message and a total of $0.00. The generosity of the restaurant’s manager, Arline Wood, and server, Zoe Rao, went viral after the Slidell Police Department shared the heartwarming incident on Facebook.

A Grateful Gesture

During their lunch break, several police officers from the Slidell Police Department visited the Outback Steakhouse. The officers were taken aback when they received their check, which had a special note from Arline Wood and Zoe Rao expressing their gratitude for the officers’ service. The message read, “Be safe! Thank y’all for y’all’s service. Enjoy your meal on us!” The total on the check showed $0.00 as Wood and Rao decided to cover the $67 tab for the officers.

A Heartfelt Appreciation

Zoe Rao, the server who attended to the officers, expressed her admiration for the police force and their dedication to the community. She described the officers as “the sweetest guys” and conveyed her joy in serving them. Arline Wood, the restaurant’s manager, echoed Rao’s sentiments, emphasizing that the entire police force was admirable and caring.

Unexpected Viral Fame

The heartwarming incident took an unexpected turn when the Slidell Police Department shared a photo of the check and the note on their Facebook page. Wood and Rao had not anticipated the post going viral, garnering over 1,000 shares. They were surprised by the sudden influx of calls and attention but remained humble, emphasizing that their act of kindness was not driven by a desire for publicity.

Gratitude from the Police Department

The Slidell Police Department expressed their sincere gratitude towards Arline Wood and Zoe Rao in their Facebook post. The department appreciated the kind gesture and mentioned that the officers left a tip covering the cost of the bill, ensuring compliance with ethics laws and department policy.

An Overwhelming Impact

The post on the police department’s Facebook page received overwhelming support and admiration from social media users. The heartwarming act of kindness struck a chord with the online community, spreading positivity and appreciation for law enforcement officers.

The touching act of kindness by Arline Wood and Zoe Rao at the Outback Steakhouse in Slidell, Louisiana, has warmed the hearts of many. Their genuine appreciation for the police officers’ service and dedication has resonated with the community and beyond. This heartwarming incident serves as a reminder of the profound impact small acts of kindness can have, and how they can inspire others to show gratitude and support for those who serve and protect.

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