If you see a plastic bottle on your tire, be very careful

Living in an increasingly modernized world will always continue to present various challenges, from paying more and more bills to the constant demands of work.

In the midst of these pressures, it’s important to also look out for our personal safety – especially in situations where, if the signs are ignored, it could have severe consequences.

So, pay attention and take immediate action if you ever find a plastic bottle stuck between your car tire and frame. In such a situation, dial 911 immediately. Keep reading to find out why…

Yes—a plastic bottle on your car tire can be a very bad sign. You should be very cautious, lock your car doors immediately, and contact the police. Do not park or idle in any out-of-the-way streets or parking lots.
When you see a plastic bottle on your car tire, it can sometimes indicate that you’ve been targeted by a carjacker.
Most of the time, people will not notice the bottle. They’ll simply get in their car and drive away with the bottle still jammed in there. This won’t damage your car, but it will make a very loud rattling sound that’s impossible to ignore.
The idea behind the trap is this: when the driver notices the extremely loud sound, they’ll pull over and investigate it, at which point the carjacker (who has been tailing them) will pounce. Depending on the perpetrator, the resulting confrontation could be nothing more than a startling inconvenience—or it could be a life-threatening situation.
The key right now is to remain calm. It might have simply been someone’s idea of a prank, or the would-be carjacker might have moved on to another target when they saw you remove the bottle. It’s unlikely they would have continued following you once they knew their trick had failed.
And, if you’ve driven a good distance away already, there’s a chance that you’re out of the woods. Even still, it’s best not to take any chances. Contact the police and let them know what’s going on. You’ll obviously want to give them your precise location.
Good luck! Stay safe and stay aware!

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