I Made My Husband Choose between Me and His Teen Son

A woman told her husband that he had to choose between her and his son, or she would divorce him. A while later, something happened that made her realize she was in serious physical danger. A 39-year-old woman was married to a 44-year-old man named Dave. Dave and his ex-wife, Dianna, had divorced a few years prior to the woman and Dave meeting but had a son named Avery together.

Although Dave and the woman met three years after he and Dianna divorced, Avery was always hostile toward the woman. He even blamed her for the dissolution of his parents’ marriage. However, the woman who posted her predicament on Reddit was prepared to put up with Avery’s bad behavior if it meant she could be with the man she loved. One day, all that changed, and the woman knew it was time to seek safety.

The woman explained that she had tried to talk to Avery and explain to him that she was not his mother and would never try to be. However, the boy was still hostile toward her and became even more upset when Dave said he was marrying the woman. Avery initially refused to attend their wedding. However, after sitting down with Dianna and Dave and asking Avery why he was so upset, the woman and Dave knew he would attend the wedding. Yet Avery still didn’t talk to or see either of them until their wedding day.

Avery objected to their union at the wedding before all their guests. Later, at the reception, Avery asked to make a speech in which he slammed the woman, blaming her for his parents’ divorce and calling her a homewrecker. The woman lamented: “Dave drove Avery back to Dianna’s, but the damage was done, and several wedding guests assumed Avery was telling the truth. My wedding night was ruined because of this, and a good part of my family refuses to speak to me despite me explaining to them that this was not the case.”

After that, the woman had even more trouble with Avery. He took her cat to a shelter two towns away and only told the woman once her cat had been put down. He also tore her wedding dress to shreds. One day, Avery asked Dave and Original Poster(OP) if he could visit them for dinner. When the woman and Avery were alone, he told her she was a horrible person and insulted her in other ways. The woman had had it and began screaming at Avery. When Avery left, the woman told Dave that she was tired of Avery’s abuse and that if he didn’t choose between her and Avery, she would be divorcing him. Dave told the woman it wasn’t fair to ask him to make that decision. However, the woman later updated her readers with shocking news.

The woman ended the post by saying she knew she was a pushover and should have left long before she did. However, she was now safe with her sister and feeling much better than before.

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