Horrified woman reveals she dumped her boyfriend after she found out he didn’t use toilet paper

People are flooding to social media in horror after a TikToker revealed a guy she was dating didn’t use loo roll. While it may seem completely normal to most of us to use toilet paper on a daily basis, apparently, for others, the bathroom is empty of it. If you don’t roll around laughing, you’ll just cry into your paper instead:

@withlovefromalex #stitch with @Jess Jacobsen ♬ original sound – withlovefromalex

TikToker Alexandra Maria Clara – who goes by the username @withlovefromalex – took to the platform in a stitch with Jess Jacobsen to reflect on a horrifying dating experience she had which led her to break it off with the guy. “I went to his house and I had to use his restroom and he had no toilet paper in the bathroom,” she explains. The TikToker then told her date he didn’t have any loo roll in – thinking he’d just run out – and he thanked her for reminding him to pick some up from the supermarket. Thankfully, Alex had baby wipes and tissues with her so just used those, but a week later, the same problem arose again.

Alex went to the guy’s house for a second time and ‘still’ there was ‘no toilet paper’. Her date said sorry, explaining he forgot, but then later on, when they were out at Target and she suggested getting some, he looked her ‘in the eyes’ and said he wasn’t going to buy any. Why? Well, Alex says the guy refused to buy any because he said he didn’t ‘use toilet paper’. Fear not though, because he did say he used wet wipes – which is better than nothing after all.

However, the guy kept refusing to buy it, so Alex decided to buy some for herself, keep it in the car and go get a roll when she needed it. Yup. It got that far. The post has since gone viral and people are flooding to the comments section to weigh in on Alex’s toilet paper chronicles. One TikTok user said: “Is it just me or does anyone feel like he just simply doesn’t use anything at all.” “The way I just would’ve bought the TP and went straight home,” another added. A third wrote: “Why wouldn’t you dump him immediately?”

A fourth added: “It’s not just toilet paper people, it’s about hospitality and caring for others and making sure you prioritize them and make them comfortable.” And a final resolved: “This is THE best example of ‘do it for the plot’.”

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