Taco Bell customer left ‘so upset’ after discovering something we never thought of

A woman ‘can’t even justify going to Taco Bell anymore’ after finding a receipt from 2012 for the fast food chain – and the price comparison will shock you. The TikToker shared that she was ‘upset’ after finding a receipt over a decade old for Taco Bell, which has apparently ruined her experience of going there again.

We know that inflation for pretty much everything has skyrocketed since 2012, but it’s easy to forget what exactly you could buy for perhaps $2 then, in comparison to what that would get you today. We’re impressed that she still has a receipt from that long ago, so let’s take a look at exactly what was on it. In the video, the woman explained: “I just found a Taco Bell receipt from 2012.

“Two beefy five layer burritos, total – $2.59.

“$2.59! Can you even get anything for that from Taco Bell anymore?

“Where did we go wrong?”

She captioned the clip, saying: “I’m so upset. I can’t even justify going to Taco Bell anymore.”

People in the comments were quick to jump on the inflation bandwagon, with one writing: “I remember when you felt kind of greedy if you spent more than $10 there, because that meant you must have got an insane amount.”

Another said: “Thank you, because my brain still thinks Taco Bell is super cheap, until I get there and it’s like $20-$30 for me and my sister.”

A third reminisced: “I remember going there in high school and I never spent more than $5 for MULTIPLE tacos. $10 if I was treating myself.”

While someone else claimed: “We used to feed a family of 4 for $20. Now feeding a family of 4 at Taco Bell cost the same as our Costco cart.”

However, it might be interesting to note that there are a few things that $2.59 can get you from the 2024 Taco Bell menu.

A number of items on the Cravings Value Menu are under $2.59 – the Chicken Enchilada Burrito will cost you $2.49, while the Bean Burrito is just $1.79.

There’s also a whole host of sides, including Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes for $2.59, Chips and Nacho Sauce for $2.29 and Cinnamon Twists for $1.19.

It’s no secret that the price differences are slightly crazy, but it’s also nice to know that items on the menu at that price still exist.

Many users also pointed out that it isn’t just Taco Bell that has had price increases, it seems to be a common consensus across the fast food industry as a whole.

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