7 year old boy was disciplined at school for saying ‘Jesus Christ’

Mom says her 7-year-old son was disciplined at school for saying ‘Jesus Christ’. A mom was left confused when she got a call from her son’s school, reporting that he’d said the words ‘Jesus Christ’ in class. Shonna Coleman, from Mississippi, was told her son had said ‘a bad word’ during one of his lessons. She later shared a written-up report on Facebook, which her little boy had brought home that afternoon.

The report, from Hope Sullivan Elementary School, was titled Parent Notice of Disciplinary Incident and explained what had happened. It had a series of tick boxes with reasons why the notice had been sent and what action had been taken afterwards.

On Shonna’s letter, the box ‘Unacceptable Language’ had been checked, meanwhile ‘Had Conference With Student’ and ‘Telephoned Parent’ was also ticked. According to the report, the boy had said ‘Jesus Christ’ after he dropped his Lego on the floor. “He said ‘Jesus Christ’ when he dropped the Legos he was cleaning up from recess,” the notice read.

Speaking to FOX13, Shonna said: “The church said Jesus Christ. Bible study said Jesus Christ. “Never in my life have I heard at a public school that you cannot say Jesus Christ, and she said it wasn’t that he said the word, it was how he said it because he dropped his Legos.” The school meanwhile, maintained that the student would not have been disciplined for simply saying ‘Jesus Christ’. They did, however, say that he could have been corrected if it was said disrespectfully.

In a statement sent to Inside Edition Digital, a school spokesperson said: “Desoto County Schools students would not be reprimanded for simply saying Jesus Christ. “While district officials cannot comment on specific student situations, it is possible that a student could be corrected for a disrespectful use of Jesus Christ’s name.”

Shonna was told her son had said 'a bad word'. Credit: Shonna Coleman/Facebook
Shonna was told her son had said ‘a bad word’. Credit: Shonna Coleman/Facebook

People on social media also had a lot of thoughts on the incident, with many shocked over what had happened.

One wrote: “What has this world come too? This is sad. Simply cause he said the word Jesus Christ?”

While another said: “This is crazy, the baby said Jesus Christ and this was a bad word in her eyes, I’m done, I wouldn’t even want this teacher teaching my kid, that would have been his last day in that class!!!!”

And a third added: “A child told me to ‘f**k off’ yesterday…. Choose your battles.”

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