This video showing the reality of Egypt pyramids will make you think twice about pyramids

Tourists have been warned to be ‘seriously careful’ while visiting the Egyptian pyramids after one tourist described them as ‘dangerous’.

If visiting the famous pyramids has always been on your to-do list, this video might put you off.

In a TikTok video posted by @touchdalight, also known as Carmie Sellitto, the YouTuber takes a tour inside the pyramids of Egypt, showing viewers what it would be like to wander around one of the country’s most famous landmarks. You can watch the video below:

@touchdalight you need to be seriously careful if you come here #egypt #pyramids ♬ Sprinter – Dave & Central Cee

“You need to be seriously careful if you come here,” he wrote in the caption.

Sellitto listed the three reasons why people should ‘never visit’ the pyramids, with his first reason being the amount of walking and steps you have to take.

To get inside of the main part of the pyramid, you have to climb bent double for quite a bit, and in the sweltering heat.

“You have to climb on your knees for about 30-40 minutes. It gets tiring, it’s like an obstacle course,” he said.

It’s pretty narrow inside, which led to Sellitto’s friend hitting her head on a tunnel-like walkway, which he described as ‘quite dangerous’.

“It’s also quite dangerous, look at my friend get hit here,” he said.

In the clip, tourists can be seen ducking and weaving while manoeuvring around the tight walking spaces, with some appearing to hang onto the bannisters for dear life.

But the rest of his reasons take a less serious turn. He says that the lack of air conditioning is also a big ‘no no’, joking that ‘we were living in 2023’. Sellitto then states that the third reason to never visit the pyramids was that the experience was ‘so epic, you won’t experience anything like it again’.Despite the pyramids being thousands of years old, scientists are still discovering so much about them.Experts recently discovered a nine-meter hidden passageway inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Hidden within the Pyramid of Khufu, this little gem was only noticed just months ago. The Egyptian tourism and antiquities minister announced the finding back in March last year, and now we could be closer than ever to understanding its use.

As found by the team from project Scan Pyramid, the researchers aren’t certain what this passageway is for just yet.

The group is currently part of a mission to see the inside of pyramids by using technology such as scanners and infrared thermography.

According to Mostafa Waziri, the head of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, the ceiling of the tunnel shows it was built to relieve the weight of the pyramid.

He said: “But a big question mark hangs over whether this corridor was created to relieve the weight on the [main] entrance or lighten the load on a space yet to be discovered.”

“Scanning work will continue to uncover more secrets.”

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