He started digging in his yard, but still can’t believe what he discovered

John Sims discovered something unusual in his garden and in no time his discovery went completely viral. He was tending to the garden when he noticed that part of the soil was a little deeper.

This aroused great curiosityin John, who decided to find out exactly what it was about, and to his surprise it turned out to be a secret door. Opening the door gave him the impression that it was an underground shelter and much larger than the door let on.

And indeed there was an underground shelter built in 1961, the year when the panic of atomic attacks was widespread, so it was quite common to build such shelters. Apparently, the previous owner of the house had discovered it, but had “buried” it again.

Sims investigated the municipality and managed to find housing plans. Even though the door is small, actually once you step inside you can tell that it is quite spacious. The base of the shelter is made of concrete and a glass dome.

At the time, the area where John lives was one of the most affected by the nuclear threat, as there were about 18 ballistic missiles. Although he did not find abandoned artifacts, his goal was to restore the shelter as planned.

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