People are mind blown after learning what CVS actually stands for

Every day is a school day on TikTok and people are still learning new things about one of the biggest drugstores in America sixty years after it opened.
Nisa (@nisipisa), the TikToker, said: “I got this dry mouth spray from “Consumer Value Stores, and the experience of using it is kind of, like, someone who’s in the middle of chewing gum is spitting into your mouth.”

It didn’t take long for the jokes about CVS’ full name to start making the rounds.

One confused TikToker asked: “Consumer Value Stores ?!!?”

Another shocked commenter wrote: “She did not deadname cvs.”

@nisipisamaybe youre into that kind of thing

♬ original sound – nisa

A third quipped: “The casual use of CVS’ government name.”

While a fourth wrote: “The government name was so unnecessary but so funny.”

“And today was the day I found out what CVS actually stood for…,” another replier said.
A former CVS worker in the comments admitted to being totally clueless about the meaning behind the three letters. “Wait I worked at CVS and I had no idea it was actually an acronym,” they confessed.

Someone else penned: “I know CVS is blushing at you calling its full name.”

CVS opened on May 8, 1963 under its original title, Consumer Value Store. Just a year after opening, the drugstore’s name was shortened to CVS, which is understandably the name most people know. It was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts but its headquarters are currently based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

CVS is currently the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. by number of locations, with 9,674 stores across the country by the end of 2022.
People are always left in shock when they discover the real meaning behind some of the most well known acronyms. Another one which blew people’s minds was the Ms in M&M’s.

The small chocolate buttons, which are always a top snack choice, have left many people wondering about their name origin.

The chocolate may have first been invented in 1941, but many of its consumers still don’t know where its name comes from.

The first initial of the popular chocolate brand stands for ‘Mars’ and the second, ‘Murrie’.

Mars is for Forrest E. Mars Sr, and Murrie for Bruce Murrie, Mars and Murrie being the two founders of the US chocolate brand.

You learn something new every day.

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