Old Man Goes to Visit Daughter for His 80th Birthday, She Doesn’t Let Him Enter Her House. This is the reason why? – Story of the Day

Richard visits his daughter to celebrate his eightieth birthday with her, but she answers the door in tears and sends him away. Richard suspects trouble and realizes he’s right after peeking through her front windows.
Richard tapped his fingers nervously against the steering wheel as he drove. Deidre used to drive down every Thanksgiving, but that stopped after his wife’s funeral four years ago. Now, there were only weekly calls.

Richard spread his arms wide as Deidre appeared in the doorway. “Surprise!” he yelled.

“Dad? What are you doing here?” she asked, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I came to celebrate my birthday with you…it’s the big eight-o!” Richard replied, but the joy in his voice trailed off quickly. “What’s wrong, honey? Why are you crying?”

“It’s nothing; everything’s fine,” Deidre quickly wiped her tears and smiled a little. “I just…I wasn’t expecting you, and this isn’t really a good time. Sorry, Dad, but I, uh, need to focus. On my work. Look, I’ll call you. We’ll have dinner later, okay? Sorry.”

Deidre shut the door, leaving Richard hurt and confused. Something was terribly wrong. Was Deidre in trouble?

Richard stepped back from the front door but didn’t leave. He stepped over the short, flowering shrubs lining the path and snuck up to peek through the windows.

Two rough-looking men were in the sitting room with Deidre.

“Who was that?” One of them asked in a rough voice.

“Nobody,” Deidre lied in a shaky voice. “Just a neighbor’s kid…pulling a doorbell prank and running away.”

“Back to business then,” the second man said. “You’re now six months behind on your loan repayments, Deidre. Mr. Marco’s getting impatient.”

“I just need more time. Business is sure to pick up again in the winter,” she pleaded.

“Time is one thing you haven’t got, sweetie,” the man replied, pulling out his gun. “People who owe Mr. Marco money don’t have a great life expectancy and end up feeding the fishes in the lake…” He pointed the weapon at her.

Terror froze Richard in place. But soon, the man stepped back with a look of disgust and tucked the gun away in the waistband of his trousers.

“Look around this dump and see if there’s anything valuable we can take to Mr. Marco, Danny,” he ordered. “She’s a businesswoman, so there must be a computer or some kind of equipment around here.”

”But I need those things!” she cried. “I can’t make money without my equipment!”

The man patted the butt of his gun. ”Boo-Hoo. I can still change my mind, you know. Don’t be ungrateful, now.”

The men ransacked her home before they stormed out, leaving Deidre curled up sobbing on the floor.

Nothing made sense to Richard because Deidre’s business was doing well. At least that’s what she had told him. But now, Richard could sense something was amiss. Deidre needed his help.

The men loaded several appliances from Deidre’s home in their vehicle.

When they finally drove away, Richard followed them.

The men stopped at a two-storeyed brick building downtown that looked like a bar. While it was closed, the door was unlocked. No one on the staff stopped Richard as he entered the building.

The men had joined a large table where several other rough-looking men were seated. One of them stood and swaggered toward him.

“The club’s closed,” he growled. “Come back later.”

“I’m here to discuss Deidre’s debt,” Richard announced.

“Oh?” The man seated at the head of the table rose and stared at Richard. He looked like a gentleman except for a nasty scar above his left eye. Richard guessed he was Mr. Marco.

”How much does she owe you?” Richard asked.

Mr. Marco smirked. “A good samaritan, huh? Deidre took out a business loan of $80,000 from me. She was supposed to pay me back from her monthly profits, only she never made any.”

”I have around $20,000 in my savings,” Richard gulped fearfully, shaken Deidre had borrowed such a big sum.

”That’s only a quarter of what she owes us.” Mr. Marco sighed. “But there’s something you can do to make up the difference.”

Richard didn’t like the sound of that, but he had to do whatever it took to save his daughter from the mess she’d gotten herself into.

”What do you want me to do?” he asked.

Mr. Marco grinned at Richard and beckoned him closer to the table.

”My partner and I recently started a small business importing cars to Canada, but some of the paperwork has been delayed, so we’re having difficulties getting the…’merchandise’…across the border. A kind, innocent-looking Grandpa like you should have no trouble crossing the border in one of our cars.”

Richard had no choice but to agree. Later that night, he pulled into a gas station near the border town to use the bathroom and parked beside a patrol.

“Jesus!” he gasped as the German Shepherd in the back of the police cruiser began barking at him and pawing at the window.

Service dogs were trained not to bark at random people unless…Oh, man.

He quickly climbed back in the car, a Valiant, and started reversing as the police dog went crazy.

Two cops hurried out of the gas station store and yelled at him to stop as they glanced at him. The GPS app voiced directions, but Richard shoved it in his pocket to silence the darn thing.

He pushed the Valiant to its limits as he wove through traffic, leaving a trail of outraged drivers and narrowly avoided collisions in his wake. The sirens blared behind him.

Richard soon spotted a narrow, unmarked dirt road veering into the forest ahead. He sharply turned, leaving the road behind him as he raced into the forest. The muddy trails were awful to navigate, but Richard pushed on.

He turned down a narrow track leading downhill. Then, he turned up a slight rise and instantly regretted it.

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