He Helped a Crying Bear While She Was in Labor. A Year Later, The Bear Did Something Surprising 😱😱

In a surprising turn of events in Healey, Alaska, a man named Gareth Jackson found himself in a life-threatening situation only to be unexpectedly rescued by a grizzly bear he had helped a year prior.

The saga began when a rogue grizzly in the Hills outside Healey was causing havoc, prompting a hunting party to set out to kill the bear. Gareth Jackson, having witnessed the bloodied and terrified hunters returning, was alarmed by the escalating situation. Concerned about the impending violence and bloodshed, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Gareth excused himself from the scene and headed home, planning to assess the situation in the wilderness the following morning. His goal was to gather facts and present a rational case at the inevitable town council meeting that would follow in the coming days.

As predicted, truckloads of armed men descended upon the town, ready to hunt down the perceived threat. Over the next week, the mob killed three bears, despite Gareth’s growing concern for the bears entering hibernation, especially the females about to give birth.

Taking matters into his own hands once again, Gareth ventured into the wilderness to assess the situation firsthand. He stumbled upon a female grizzly in labor, and when a group of aggressive hunters approached, he intervened, preventing them from harming the bear and her cubs.

A year later, Gareth found himself facing a different set of problems in the mountains. Caught in a mini avalanche with a broken leg and a twisted ankle, he was unable to reach his radio for help. To his surprise, the same grizzly bear he had saved appeared, seemingly remembering their encounter.

Rather than attacking him, the grizzly approached Gareth and, astonishingly, sat on one end of the fallen tree pinning him. This unexpected act provided enough leverage for Gareth to free his legs. The grizzly then walked away, leaving Gareth speechless and filled with gratitude.


This extraordinary tale challenges conventional notions of human-wildlife interactions, showcasing the capacity for understanding and cooperation between species. The story serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between humans and nature, emphasizing the importance of compassion and respect for the animal kingdom.

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