Did I cross the line with my actions? What my son-in-law did at the dinner is…

Jennifer, a mother in her sixties, found herself in an unexpected predicament when she decided to encourage her daughter, Susan, to consider divorce from her husband, Stan.

Though Jennifer typically respected her adult children’s privacy and independence, Stan’s behavior raised grave concerns that led her to step in.

During a family dinner, Stan’s astonishing demands and critical remarks toward Susan shocked Jennifer. He insisted that Susan serve him at the dining table, displaying a controlling demeanor. Later, Susan confided in Jennifer about Stan’s increasingly oppressive behavior, from dictating her clothing choices to monitoring her whereabouts and undermining her professional life.

Jennifer, deeply alarmed by her daughter’s situation, engaged Susan in a heartfelt conversation. They explored various options, including counseling and legal advice. Jennifer eventually broached the topic of divorce as a potential solution for Susan and her son, Gabriel, since Stan had displayed minimal interest in their child’s welfare.

However, Jennifer grappled with the question of whether she had crossed a boundary by advocating for divorce. She walked a fine line between maternal concern and respecting her adult child’s choices and autonomy.

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